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EFI Live Autocal V3 | DPF DSP5 Delete Tune | GM/Chevy Duramax 2001-2016

The Diesel Dudes is a family owned business in Montreal, Canada. Our mission is to serve diesel truck owners with high quality parts and software, while providing excellent customer service along the way. 

If you have any questions about our products, or if you are wondering what kit is best for your truck, please reach out. 

Since our inception, our entire goal was to answer any and all questions our customers have. 

We get it, tuning can be complicated, and getting it wrong can damage your truck. That's why we went out of our way to find only the best tuning options for each and every truck model and year, and when we couldn't find a good enough option, we made our own. 

That's right, while we are the authorized dealer for many tuning companies, such as GDP and Proven Diesel, our technicians make many of our tunes in house. 

So either way, we have in house technical support on all of our products, in case you get stuck on the installation. But our installation guides and videos should be more than enough to get you going. 

Just remember, if you ever have questions, just call us at 888-830-2588 and our team will help you out!

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Compatible Tuner

EFI Live Autocal


This delete tune is designed for the EFI Live AutoCal and will allow you to run your truck with deleted DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) components.

DSP5 Tune, meaning it includes 5 power levels and ability to shift on the fly (requires a switch)

Power Levels

Level 1 +0hp (Stock)
Level 2: +30HP. Ideal for daily driving, towing
Level 3: +65HP. Ideal for daily driving, towing.
Level 4: +100HP. Ideal for performance applications.
Level 5: +130HP. Performance applications. Other modifications recommended.


*Race Only
**Please check with local and state legislation/regulations for legality of such product/s. We assume no liability for misuse of this product/s.

Q: What is a VIN license and how many do I need?
A: Each tune pack you purchase requires a VIN license. This locks the tune to the VIN of the vehicle you install the tune into. You only need one VIN license per truck. The reason we sell it as an option is because some customers may have unused VIN licenses saved up. If you do not, you MUST order a Vin license with your tune pack for it to work.

Q: Do I need to send you my tuner/vehicle information?
A: After you purchase the tune pack, we will email you a form to fill out that will require your tuner serial number, vehicle VIN and authentication code. We will send you instructions on finding your authentication code in the same email. 

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Kirby Athey

EFI Live Autocal V2 & V3 | DPF DSP5 Delete Tune | GM/Chevy Duramax 2001-2016