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EZ LYNK AUTO AGENT DPF Delete Tune | GDP Lifetime Support Pack | Dodge Ram Cummins 2010-2021

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Compatible Tuner

EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 1.0, 2.0, 3.0


GDP Life Time Support Pack | DSP5

The GDP Lifetime Support Pack is designed for the EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 and will allow you to run your truck with deleted DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) components.

DSP5 Tune, meaning it includes 5 power levels and ability to shift on the fly (requires a switch)

Transmission Tune Included

  • Transmission tuning included but only for 68RFE transmission type, not any other
Power Levels - 20hp, 40hp, 60hp, 80hp, 100hp 
*Race Only
**Please check with local and state legislation/regulations for legality of such product/s. We assume no liability for misuse of this product/s.

2010-2021 Dodge 2500-5500

Q: Do I need to send you my tuner/vehicle information?
A: After you purchase the tune pack, we will email you a form to fill out that will require your tuner serial number, vehicle VIN & any info on vehicle modifications.

Customer Reviews

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Dean snow
Awesome Customer Service

These guys got me my tune linked to my EZ Lynk much faster than I was expecting after I read on forums that some distributors take up to a week! They were recommended on the forums to be quick with service. They also offer Sezzle as a payment options as I broke down across the country from home and was worried about spending 849 dollars after spending the money to do the delete and hotels! Word of advice to others, do the delete prior, it would have cost me less than 1800 to delete it prior to my break down due to the DEF / Emissions system failing, I waited thinking it wasn’t going to happen to me. With tow bills to a hotel. The stay in The hotel, lost money (hotshot) from being broke down, eating out. I lost over 4800 dollars due to this. So I was at 6600 dollars lost/spent this week! I coulda purchased these parts and done this in advance and been 4800 ahead. Use me as the example why to purchase from this company now!

Thank you guys for getting me back to my family before I had to head out for two weeks again, it means a lot to me