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Throttle Valve Delete | Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins | 2007.5-2021

my truck

worked as The Diesel Dudes said it would. My chevy 2017 3500 runs better and not using as much go juice as before. Great customer service Keep Up the good work Diesel Dudes

2015 Ram 3500

I am NOT a mechanic, I do not have a garage....or even pavement. Yet, rolling around in some gravel and using basic tools that anyone should own this task was easy to complete. It did take me longer than the "6 hours" some people claim but 8 or 9 hours I had everything done. The whole process is pretty easy to figure out after watching the provided videos several times and taking your time. A heads up for those ordering the straight pipe along with a muffler, you will need to do some modifications, but nothing major so measuring and cutting with a Sawzall. I did ask DD a couple questions and was responded to very quickly and accurately. If your worried about it then rest assured you can do it, take your time and don't rush, ask questions if you need help. Lastly, be sure to double check the tune you are installing, I made the mistake of "removing" some parts yet I had downloaded the tune with "parts" still attached. My mistake but was quickly fixed.

Love the Shirt

I bought one for myself and my son and we both liked the fit. Not oversized and the material feels good.

2018 ram 2500

Was disappointed in some parts of the kit. First was the band clamps for the straight pipe were all bent and beat up. End of one of the straight pipes was also all beat up which made it much harder to install. The EGR kit came with no gaskets, which is inconvenient. Other than that install was somewhat easy and came with good instructions for bypass cable.

Bodey, sorry to hear about the bent clamps, sometimes they get bend in transit but are pretty easy to reshape with some pliers. If it's too far gone, open a support ticket on our site and i'll send you new clamps for the pipe.

Everything fit awesome and works great. Thanks for all the support with my questions during the ordering process.

Happy customer

Just installed me efi live dsp5 tunes and couldn't be happier. I haven't installed the switch yet bit with just the stock tune my truck feels like a completely different truck. It got ride of the awful duramax throttle response. Can't wait to see what the other tunes feel like

old horseryder

i gutted the dpf and put the heavy tow program in . i probably gained 2 miles per gallon pulling my horse trailer. it is way more drivable .i like it.

GM/Chevy 6.6L Duramax LML 2012

2 piece 4" pipes with muffler, Cut stock tailpipe 1/2" longer, Fit perfect!
Bolts marked 88 not 8.8 Stretched and parted at threads-blocker.
Graded studs for exhaust would have been Nice, GDP kit.
EZ-LYNK No Problem.
Thanks, don

2019 6.7 delete

I’m extremely happy I came across diesel dudes, the delete kit worked great, the tunes are excellent, I’m over the moon. If you’re thinking about deleting your pickup trust these guys. Give them a call they answered plenty of my questions prior to even spending a dollar. I had an ezlynk tuner, before my parts arriving I had a notification my tunes were available. I ran their emission intake tunes for about a week and enjoyed them as well. So if you don’t want to go full delete give those a try. After removing all the **** I uploaded the stock power level tune. Zero smoke excellent throttle response amazing shifts, Thanks diesel dudes for your help

These guy’s know their products.

Product quality of the highest combined with fast effective customer support.

works great

truck has more power now than it has ever had

2016 ram 2500 6.7 cummins ez lynk delete

I recently deleted my 6.7 cummins and couldn’t be happier. I ordered the tune as I already had an easy link setup for with emissions tuning so that I could get better performance out of my transmission.
After deleting everything plus the EGR I have noticed a huge power difference down low. I did end up just unplugging the egr at first until my parts came in for the delete. I had a trouble code come up for CAN Bus high after blocking off the egr so I re-installed the tune and it fixed my problem. When granny driving you barely need to touch the accelerator to get up to speed. I am currently just running a 75hp tune and plan to do the SOTF later when I get a csp5 switch. I am currently getting 22-23mpg when taking it easy. I haven't seen numbers better than 17mpg previously when highway driving!
The information provided by the guys over the phone and by email was great. Especially if you have mechanical knowledge.

Jeff Bob

Good Quality easy to install once I googled some things not all the instructions were very helpful unless I owned an LML which I don’t but that being said it runs way better and faster just wish I could blow more smoke when I wanted to

Totally different truck now!

Bought this 07.5 that was already deleted, but the tuner did not come with the truck so I had no idea what setting it was on or anything. Talked to the guys here and told them what I'm looking for and what I already had. Took it out after the program and switch install, and even on number 1 setting, the truck has more get up and go. I don't recommend keeping it on the number 5 setting though until some transmission upgrades are done, but every once and while to put a smile on everyone's face can't hurt. Worth every penny as this kinda thing is getting harder to come by.
Just be sure to read the install paper. It is a different procedure for the 07.5 to 09 trucks.

2019 Ram weight loss journey,

Great tunes, great support, i have no issues with my truck, zero check engine lights, transmission shifts better than stock tuning. I’m so happy I choose diesel dudes , If you’re going to trust someone trust these guys.

Delete tuner and S.O.T.F Switch

Very impressed with Diesel Dudes tune and customer service. Love the shift on the fly switch also thanks guys great job with my 6.7 Cummins

Ford 6.7 Powerstroke Full Delete Bundle | 2015-2016


I’ve not installed the parts yet. I am waiting on my factory warranty to run out. The shipping and customer service/support as been next level so at this point I would have to say this company is everything they claim to be.

great experience

I would highly recommend this product and staff. It's pretty in depth but once it was done it was worth it. Id do it again the exact same way. 👍

2017 F250 BDX Tuner

Great product, received very quickly. Instructions were easy to follows. First time ever doing a delete. I went the route of unplugging everything rather than going with the block off plates and installed the race pipe. My truck instantly ran better and sounded a lot better. The transmission took a little bit of time to learn the tunes and self-adjust but once it got through that, no problems at all. Definitely would buy again, if needed in the future.

Great! product

Once I got everything situated with the tech, super easy to use. Big thanks to Sam and mike at diesel dudes for the attention to detail in what’s going out for what truck.
Almost bought the wrong product.

Went great

Went great everything worked as should, got to me quickly