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Love it!


Everything showed up quick and worked right the first time.

Efi live

Pretty straight forward instructions. Really helped my 06 Duramax come to life!

F250 deleted kit

Truck runs great and all the communication it was fenomenal with the representatives


Everything went smooth. Truck runs like a new truck. Only thing I would suggest is to send gaskets for the exhaust and egr. Everything else was great.

Looking back it wasnt so bad

This is certainly a job most anyone can do if they have the determination. In my case, 2012 Duramax, the EGR cooler was a pain to remove. Instructions state to remove the front bolt attachement, however was unable to remove all bolts. Then instructions advise to remove the middle bolt attachements and that was not doable either. Found it best to skip straight to the downpipe and remove the back four. I spent hours on the EGR cooler and knowing what I know now I could have saved many hours doing so.

Buy a vertical creeper!!!

The parts and the tune are of high quality and my next diesel will have a diesel dudes tune kit.

Dad loved it

Sent it to my Dad, and he loves it!

Delete bundle

Very pleased. Great people to work with. Thanks to all at Diesel Dudes. 👍

Runs great!

Should’ve done it along time ago really freed it up . Feel like I drive a diesel now thanks

The Diesel Dudes are AMAZING

Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, 1 of my parts arrived damaged.
Without any hesitation ‘The Dudes’ sent me another one. Install was easy. I have installed 2 sets of The Diesel Dudes EGR deletes on friends trucks since I have installed my own, because of how I was treated and simple their products are to use.

Worth it

100% customer service with small issues I had
Product fit absolutely perfect and nice finishes

I've had this setup installed on my truck for about 6 months (20k miles) ... not a single issue
. No failed parts milage 24 now 28-31mpg that alone pays for itself... no regrets happily recommend and happy to help.. I had an o ring problem there customer service was relentless and didn't give up till it was fixed... sales person was honest up front and very knowledgeable about the product... :) 10000% happy recommend

Great company to work with.

These guys were great. I was unsure of the exact bundle that I needed. I called and talked to a live person. He help me pick out the best bundle for me. He sent me an invoice. And the rest is history. Thanks.

5 to 7 inch tip

Love it...went with full 5 straight pipe and it sounded good, the tip arrived and the depth is awesome. Axle dump is awesome

Perfect fit

The 5 inch exhaust is a little tight with the coil suspension in the rear, but it fits perfect and sounds amazing

Great quality and easy installation!

Tuner Harness Plug Kit | Dodge Cummins 6.7L 2013-2024 | Shibby Engineering

2020 6.7L Cummins

Kit was an easy install! Running the 0+ HP tune for max reliability and the truck drives amazing. The exhaust break is awesome to listen to as well.

Improved MPG

After 3 weeks of daily driving my 2015 F-350 PSD is getting 4 MPG higher than stock.

Switch (For Shifting on the Fly)

Great Repair

We were having a few issues that were affecting our workflow. The Diesel Dudes assisted with repairs, and I feel like up-time will be greatly increased.

‘16 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins

From the moment I spoke with Diesel Dudes- I have been impressed. They are responsive, have an answer for all my questions and shipping was Fast! Now my Dodge is Fast as well! Great guys!

Recommend TheDeleteDudes

Overall: well developed kits (DEF & EGR delete). Written instructions were good and most information provided was accurate. Accompanying videos were also good reference materials and provided good pre-disassembly knowledge.

Install Times:
Tuner flash: 5 hours
CAT removal: 3 hours
EGR removal: 5&1/2 hours

Laptop: more for fyi, if someone is using a Windows 11 Home with “Mode S” they will need to disable the “Mode S” to download and install the Bully Dog software.

Pre-Installed Bully Dog Tunes: fyi. though the tunes were installed as part of the kit the “firm ware” for the Bully Dog device was out of date. Normally not an issue but in rural Alaska it added another four hour to the job since I lack internet access at my cabin and needed to travel to the local library to upload/update. The Bully Dog Tuner firmware took 72 files to update.

Thanks for the review Robert! Totally brutal about the firmware update cause you didn't have WiFi. I guess we take things for granted down here. Hope you're having fun up there in the wild!

Ezlynk auto agent 3

Pleased with the tunes and ease of operation, only complaint is that I wish each tune had a more detailed description of the tune and what the tune does and how it does it. It would be helpful for diagnosing issues. Besides that very pleased, the truck is a absolute beast.

Love it!

It’s gonna smoke my transmission but, meh, yolo!! Haha!